Thanks to ongoing lockdown in Hyderabad , last weekend we watched Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy for nth time. This time around due to extra time on hand, I started to wonder about overall storyline. And then I realised there is something missing in Bruce Wayne’s journey to become Batman.

This series has shown couple of interesting aspects –

  1. Bruce Wayne spent part of his childhood in Rajasthan for training.
  2. At 30, Bruce Wayne became Batman.

    Usually these would look like two like random facts with no relationship with each other. But as Steve Jobs has said we can connect dots only while looking backward. So I started to wonder what is relation between childhood training in Rajasthan and becoming Batman. So I put on my Indian parent hat to come up with possible explanation.

Bruce Wayne’s parent wanted him to crack UPSC. So they sent him to one of those famous coaching centers in Rajasthan. He hated it. Bruce was born with a platinum spoon in a filthy rich family. He really didn’t need to work at all. But because his parents wanted, he attempted UPSC. After failing to succeed in UPSC and with age limit approaching Bruce Wayne activated plan B and became Batman.

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