To say “my wife is Shahrukh fan” is an understatement. She kinda falls in “big fan” (or as I like to call “windmill”) category. After not watching Pathan with her, I was feeling bad. So, took risk of watching Dunki. At outset, let me say, Dunki is one of the worst movies I’ve ever watched. The topic and issue that makers chose to address is very serious. But somehow barring few photographers at end, that message was lost.

First half movie is terribly slow. Then it appears director realised he needs to wrap it up. So how Engineering students study a night before exam, director tried something similar and wrapped up the movie. As a result ending appears abrupt and too many things are left for audience’s imagination.

When I walked out of cinema hall, some of the questions I had –

  1. At beginning of movie there is a running race where Hardy is two time defending champion. But race gets interrupted due to Geetu Gulati announcing Hardy has got a call from Manu. There is no mention of result of the race. Did Hardy win it third time?
  2. At one point of time Hardy worked for Indian Army. Then he got injured. There is no clarity on what happened to his army career after that…
  3. In first part of journey, Hardy and group cross into Pakistan and are forced to jump into river. How do they manage to survive for more than a day inside cold water?
  4. Then while cross into Iran, Hardy and team kill 3 Iranian soldiers. It’s shown Iranian official are listening to music on their radio. Are Iranian military officials allowed to listen to music?
  5. Why did Manu abandon her promising wrestling career?
  6. Manu, Baggu and Balli handover their British passport to man in Saudi Arabia. What happened to those passports?
  7. Movie shows they travel from London to Dubai via Qatar Airways flight. Why not use any other airline?

Hope there is going to be a sequel to answer some of these…

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