For last week or so, I’ve been spending my “free” time, watching “The Crown” on Netflix. It’s an amazing TV series on reign of Queen Elizabeth. It’s one of the most expensive shows Netflix has produced costing around £5 Million for every episode (nearly $6.4 Million). TV shows has captured insight into British Royal Family like never before. Apparently Queen herself likes that show as well.

In hand sight, Queen was 3rd in line for the throne. How she became acting Monarch is story in itself. When King George V (same dude in whose honor Gateway of India has been constructed for his visit 1911) passed away in 1936, his elder son King Edward VIII succeeded him. However, he gave up the crown due to his personal relationship. He fell in love with woman named Wallis Simpson and he wanted to marry her. Unfortunately, that was not possible at that time. Ms Simpson was twice divorced and her both husbands from previous marriages were alive. At that time, marrying someone who is divorced when their spouse from prior marriage is alive was not permitted by Church of England. As a result, King Edward VIII decided to give-up the crown and let his younger brother King George VI take over the Monarchy. King Edward VIII’s reign was so short lived, he didn’t even have a coronation.  King Gorge VI was ruler from 1936 till his death 1952. When he passed away Queen Elizabeth succeeded him. Now she is the longest serving Monarch in the world.

Earlier this year, Prince Harry married American Actress Meghan Markle who is divorced. Prince William and Prince Harry’s father; Prince Charles who is next line for British Throne, divorced late Princess Diana and then remarried with Camilla Parker who is also a divorcee. Relationship with divorced person is common in today’s day and age. But that was not the case in 19th and 20th century. 18 years after King Edward VIII gave up British crown, Queen Elizabeth’s sister Princess Margaret was involved British Air force Veteran Peter Townsend. Townsend was divorcee. Relationship between Princess and him also caused chaos as Townsend’s former wife was alive. Church of England and British Parliament refused to approve their marriage. Ultimately Princess and Mr. Townsend ended their relationship and went their merry way. In hand sight, King Edward VIII and Princess Margaret (and Queen Elizabeth too) deserve lot of credit. Had somebody else been their place, they may have just hired a gunman to kill former spouse of their companion in order to force their marriage. But they didn’t do so and acted with lot of integrity.

Writers, Directors and Procedures of The Crown have done an amazing job. Role of Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip is really scrutinized very closely. Every husband should watch this show. Prince Philip’s character is going to teach a lesson or two on how to deal with situation and pressure of dealing with wife who is going to boss you around! ? Eagerly waiting for Fall 2019 for season 3….

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