Till last year, I used to make fun of “New Years Resolution”. But something at work changed my outlook towards it. In 2018, as part of enterprise wide program, our team transformed to Agile Software Development methodology. For this transformation we had to undergo trainings about Agile which covered best practices, implementation and other functional aspect. During that training the concept of “Retrospective Meeting” made me realize value of periodic introspection (in past once in a blue moon, I used to introspect but it was very ad-hoc in nature).

This ability to introspect and review things helps you identity what’s working well and what needs to change. Last December while walking on beach, I spent some time to think about things. First challenge that raised it’s head was about New Years Resolution. I decided to take concept of “New Years Resolution” seriously (in past my argument was why wait for new year in case you want to do something good. You can do that any time).

After introspection, I decided to create an action plan and set some goals. During this process also I utilized a learning from work. At work, we’ve a rule that mandates the goals that are assigned for performance review must be measurable. This ability to quantify things helps you review progress without lot of complexities. My former Boss had taught me to have right number of goals as too many goals could result in lack of focus.

So, I set myself 5 goals.

First goal is about health. I have decided to have healthy lifestyle. Fitbit has been a great help with this. It measures what’s called “Active Minutes”. This essentially is time you’re physically active. I’ve decided to be practical in this regard. So rather than setting “going to Gym everyday”, I’ve set simple goal of at least 30 active minutes every day. These active minutes can be via any activity like walking, bicycling, Gym or any other form of exercise. Considering I spend most of the day seating looking at computer screen, having a walk at regular intervals is very important. This helps eyes as well. Fitbit has been great help in this regard as well. It tracks how many hours you’ve walked at least 250 steps. My target is to walk at least 250 steps for at least 12 hours every day. There is another target of climbing 10 floors via stairs or equivalent distance. Along with active minutes, healthy eating and enough sleep have been added to list as well.

Second goal is about reduced screen time. Hopefully I would be able to cut down phone usage. #Ambitious

Third goal is to read more. Target is to read at least 10 books this year. For this goal emphasis is more on books rather than e-books. There are 2 reasons behind it. First reason is kiddo. We’re trying to develop reading interest. Hopefully seeing us with book, would offer encouragement. Secondly, this would also help with goal # 2 to reduce screen time!

Forth goal is to learn something new. Hopefully this would help develop new areas of interest.

Last and fifth goal is to continue writing the blog. Target is to write at least 2 posts every month!

PS – There is a reason behind publishing these details in February rather than January. This again ties back to something I learned at work! My workplace has a rule that mandates a “trial” or POC (Proof Of Concept) be done for new things that are being adopted. January provided an opportunity for month long POC. Things have gone reasonably well. Fingers crossed for rest of the year! ☺️

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