Few days back during a connect with senior colleague, I heard something very interesting. Java is now considered a niche skill. He explained due to AI / ML, Big Data etc. it was now becoming difficult to find people with Java skill set. Not too long ago, Java was considered a very common skill and there would be hundreds of candidates available. Few years ago something similar used to happen with COBOL. Due to Java being new kid on block, there was shortage of COBOL developers and COBOL got categorised as niche skill. This shortage of COBOL programmers has started to create issues.

While this was fresh in memory, I experienced something which is interesting and equally bizarre. Yesterday we (wife and I) went to buy groceries and fresh vegetables. While driving around we observed a pattern. When it came to 2 wheeler riders, we saw 4 groups –

  1. People wearing helmet and mask 
  2. People without helmet and mask
  3. People wearing helmet but not mask
  4. People wearing mask but not helmet

The last group was an interesting but not a surprise. Due to rising COVID-19 cases and deadly second wave in India, wearing mask is very important. But at same time, not wearing helmet is just reckless. Every year India sees millions of traffic accidents (majority involving 2 wheelers). India sees about 150000 death due to traffic accidents. People not wearing helmet is plain stupidity. Hyderabad police have now mandated that for 2 wheeler both rider and pillion have to wear helmet. This has been long overdue. I am glad it’s finally being done.

Both these things reinforced an important principle, “Public memory is short”! And we need to start looking beyond choosing least of two evils and quick fixes…

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