India has performed terribly in ongoing World Cup. After defeat against Pakistan and New Zealand in opening couple of games, India has been eliminated in group stages itself. Here are 5 important corporate lessons after terrible performances-

  1. After former captain MS Dhoni was appointed as mentor for this team there was considerable excitement among subset of Indian fans. MSD had captained India to World Cup victory in 2007 edition of competition. But things didn’t work. Lesson – having a great mentor is useful only if mentee is there to listen to advice and suggestions. 
  2. After IPL, tour of Australia, England team is looking tired. Most Important, simple and overlooked lesson is need for break and rest. Burning out is not an option.
  3. During games, India played 5 batsman, a wicket keeper batsman and 5 bowlers. None of Indian batsman are capable of providing bowling option. Among bowlers, only Jadeja can contribute with bat. This team has been lacking a quality all rounder for a while. If you look at past Indian teams, there were always options available where batsman could bowl few overs and take wickets. India’s 2011 World Cup winning squad had Tendulkar, Sehwag and Yuvraj who could contribute with ball and take wickets. Lesson – in an increasing agile world, you need cross functional contributors rather than people with only single skill. All successful teams have and need this flexibility to reach top.
  4. Indian captain prior to start of tournament had posted some things on social media pertaining to celebrations of Diwali and cracker usage. He has come for lot of criticism for it. Lesson – when things are not going your way, keep focus on job and primary task on hand. There is no point on getting dragged in extra curricular activities. 
  5. Prior to start of tournament, Indian cricket board had announced Captain and coach are going to step down post tournament. In hindsight, it should either been announced post tournament or team should have been sent under different leadership. Lesson is very simple. You can’t handle transitions in this manner. There is too much uncertainty and chaos partly due to successors not being named. You simply don’t give critical projects and assignments to employees who are serving notice period!!!

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